There are some children who are born entertainers and love attention from the very first moment they realize they have an audience. We coach them to reach their full potential. The IKM banner creates a safe and glamorous environment for children to hone their presentation skills on a grand, brightly lit platform with a large audience, cameramen, anchor and every other component found in a high-end event. We believe all kids are stars in the making. Those who join us, get an early start. Mere self-confidence is not enough, we build a child’s character by encouraging the kids to practice patience, respect for team members along with the ability to take instructions and perform in a distinguished environment.Creativatorss is also extremely aware of the present day commercial atmosphere where our clients and sponsors are constantly under pressure to gain more visibility and push more sales. Hence, we selectively introduce our child models with utmost protection to only those elements of the fashion and entertainment industry that will benefit their personality in the future.