The launch of India’s Kids Models Official Calendar is a designated annual event of Creativatorss Event and Production which serves as an ideal conclusion to all thelessons we teach our registered Kids models.
Creativatorss first collaborated with ace photographer Sunny Dhiman in 2014 to showcase 12 children in a fashionable photo-shoot. This was a unique concept, unheard of in Chandigarh at that time.
The success and popularity of our signature product has come a long way since then and we presently capture 24 children in upscale photography for the annualIKM Calendar.
The final exhibition of our creative input is also nothing short of splendid.The IKM Calendar is formally introduced in a press conference followed by a glorious event marked by media coverage. We treat our children like celebrities to fuel their drive for success and achievement with the hope that they grow up to make us proud.